Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy, Happy Valentines Day to all!! I hope everyone is having awonderful day filled with love! As for me, I am currently at work. Blah, blah....Me and Tony weren't able to make any plans for the night because unfortunaly, my father is in the hospital.
He went in last week to have his right kidney removed due to cancer. Well, my father not being the picture of health (he could actually be the poster board man for how to live an "unhealthy life style) came by many complications. Let's go down the list....he contracted MRSA, heart rate too high, blood pressure too low, not enough urine output, severe fluid shift form surgery (he's swollen like a balloon), and to top it all off he got a lung infection and was not receiving enough oxygen and basically lost his mind. Now, when I say he lost his mind, I mean HE LOST HIS MIND. He became initially child like. You had to keep repaeating things to him over and over. Then he decided he wanted to go home. Called me up and said bring his clothes he was ready to go home. Mind you, he's ICU. The he became completly non-compliant with the hospital. Then the hallucinations and the "conspiracy theories" about the secret experiments that were being done to him. He was compltly LOOPY. Eventually, the hospital had to reintubate him because he wouldn't leave his oxygen make on (that was another conspiracy). So, my father has been under heavy sedation for 3 days now while they try to clear up his lung infection so that he can get enough oxygen on his own so that he is not a complete mental case.
Now, I hate to say anything negative about the V.A. (Veterans Affairs) where my dad is being cared for BUT......that place is like a zoo!!! My father has been ion the hospital 3x in the past year and this is the second time he has contracted MRSA! That just seems unreal to me! I could go on and on about how I REALLY feel about the V.A. but I'll just leave it at that for now.
I wish I could post something today but I havn't downloaded any new pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow!!
I'm off! See ya!

UPDATE: Dad is ok now....back to his "normal" crazy self and will be released from hospital anyday now.

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